Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes


Damage spell.

Game Data

Basic fire magic.

Fire Magic (Burning):
Burns the opponent, causing continual damage for a time. Burning units may combust if hit with a follow-up attack.


Fire can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Known at base for Balthus, Byleth, Caspar, Catherine, Constance, Dedue, Edelgard, Gatekeeper, Leonie, Lorenz, Monica, Raphael, Sylvain

  • Monk mastery level 3 for Mercedes, Rhea

  • Mage mastery level 1 for Ferdinand, Flayn, Linhardt, Rodrigue

  • Warlock mastery level 1 for Gatekeeper

This page was made based on data that is available in the Three Hopes demo. It will be updated after the full game comes out.