Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes

Edelgard von Hresvelg

Edelgard von Hresvelg


Edelgard was the House Leader of the Black Eagles at the Officers Academy, and is currently emperor of the Adrestian Empire. She habors great disdain for the classicism and Crest-centric societal structure of Fódlan, and dreams to make big sweeping changes. As emperor, she declares war on the Central Church.


Garland Moon 22,
Imperial Year 1162
  • Reading
  • Solitary exploration

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Game Data

Stats, abilities, class data, and more.

Starting Data

Edelgard is playable on the following routes.

Scarlet Blaze

Recruitment timeChapter 1
Recruitment methodChoose to join the Black Eagles
Starting classLevel 1 Fighter
Base stats
Class masteryNone
Learned skillsNone

Stat Caps


Preferred Class Path

Fighter > Armored Lord > Fortress Knight > Emperor


Edelgard has a Major Crest of Flames and a Minor Crest of Seiros.

Unique Abilities

Solar Prominence Lv 1Imbue attacks with fire.Action
Emperor's Prestige Lv 1Causes enemies that are guarding to nonetheless sustain 50% of calculated damage.Support
Ambition Lv 1When ordered to attack: reduces damage received from enemies by 30%.Tactical

Innate Combat Arts

At base, Edelgard can use the following combat arts.

WeaponCombat ArtDescription
Wrath StrikePerform a powerful sword attack.
GrounderStrike swiftly with a trio of slashes.
EarthsplitterPerform an air-to-ground plunging thrust.
KnightkneelerPerform a powerful lance thrust.
Returning AxeStrike a wide area with a hurl of the axe.
Swinging FuryEffective against armored units.
Curved ShotUnleash a volley of arrows that travels in a straight line.
Spiral ShotLoose arrows at a wide surrounding area.
Rushing BlowCharges forward with fists flying.
Dual DevastatorsPummel the enemy with both fists. Deals damage to enemy Stun Gauges.

Innate Magic

At base, Edelgard can use the following magic spells.

FireBasic fire magic.Damage
NosferatuBasic light magic attack. Absorb a portion of inflicted damage as HP.Damage

Beginner Class Learnset

Intermediate Class Learnset

Advanced Class Learnset

Master Class Learnset

Personal Information

Character profile data.


Pre-timeskipPrincess and heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire
Post-timeskipEmperor of Adrestia


InterestsReading, solitary exploration
LikesTalented individuals, debating historical viewpoints and strategies, nature, beautiful scenery
DislikesOutdated values, crests, rats, chains, swimming, losing control

Gift Preferences

Liked GiftsArmored Bear Stuffy, Monarch Studies Book, Board Game, Carnation, Owl Feather
Disliked GiftsGoddess Statuette, Ceremonial Sword

Meal Preferences

Liked MealsSaghert and Cream, Fish and Bean Soup, Vegetable Pasta Salad, Onion Gratin Soup, Sweet Bun Trio, Fish Sandwich, Peach Sorbet, Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs, Vegetable Stir-Fry
Neutral MealsGrilled Herring, Small Fish Skewers, Sautéed Jerky, Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew, Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté, Fruit and Herring Tart, Fisherman's Bounty, Roast Pheasant with Berry Sauce, Cheesy Verona Stew, Country-Style Red Turnip Plate, Super-Spicy Fish Meatballs, Pickled Seafood and Vegetables, Two-Fish Sauté, Daphnel Stew, Cabbage and Herring Stew, Bourgeois Pike, Fried Crayfish, Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant
Disliked MealsGrilled Beast Meat, Garreg Mach Meat Pie, Pickled Rabbit Skewers, Gronder Meat Skewers, Gautier Cheese Gratin