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Balthus von Albrecht

Balthus von Albrecht


Balthus, one of the Ashen Wolves and self-proclaimed King of Grappling, hails from Kupala, a region just northwest of the Leicester Alliance, but due to a large number of bounties on his head he was forced to go into hiding in Abyss. Despite these actions, he is big-hearted and protects those that he cares for. He is the best friend of Hilda's older brother, and does his best to take care of her while fighting alongside her.


Blue Sea Moon 9,
Imperial Year 1153
Major Crest of Chevalier
  • Brawling
  • Adventure

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Game Data

Stats, abilities, class data, and more.

Starting Data

Balthus is playable on the following routes.

Scarlet Blaze

Recruitment timeChapter 6 main battle
Recruitment methodIn-battle strategy
Starting classLevel 22 Brawler
Base stats
Class masteryFighter
Learned skills

Combat Arts

Dual Devastators



Azure Gleam

Recruitment timeChapter 10 main battle
Recruitment methodIn-battle strategy
Starting classLevel 38 War Master
Base stats
Class masteryFighter, Brawler, Grappler
Learned skills

Golden Wildfire

Recruitment timeChapter 5 main battle
Recruitment methodIn-battle strategy
Starting classLevel 15 Brawler
Base stats
Class masteryFighter
Learned skills

Combat Arts

Dual Devastators



Stat Caps


Preferred Class Path

Fighter > Brawler > Grappler > War Master


Balthus has a Major Crest of Chevalier.

Unique Abilities

Golden Fists Lv 1At 300 hits and above: power up attacks proportional to the hit count. Sending enemies flying grants a very small amount of gold.Action
King of Grappling Lv 1When HP is at 25% or below: greatly increases critical hit rate.Support
Raging Tempest Lv 1When ordered to seize: increases damage dealt to enemies by 30%.Tactical

Innate Combat Arts

At base, Balthus can use the following combat arts.

WeaponCombat ArtDescription
Wrath StrikePerform a powerful sword attack.
Flash StrikeUnleash a single, powerful slash.
EarthsplitterPerform an air-to-ground plunging thrust.
KnightkneelerPerform a powerful lance thrust.
Returning AxeStrike a wide area with a hurl of the axe.
SmashPummel a wide area ahead. Often yields critical hits.
Curved ShotUnleash a volley of arrows that travels in a straight line.
Tracking ShotSend a series of arrows toward the locked-on target.
Rushing BlowCharges forward with fists flying.
Battle TranceTemporarily make it easier to fill the Warrior and Awakening Gauges.

Innate Magic

At base, Balthus can use the following magic spells.

FireBasic fire magic.Damage
NosferatuBasic light magic attack. Absorb a portion of inflicted damage as HP.Damage

Beginner Class Learnset

Intermediate Class Learnset

Advanced Class Learnset

Master Class Learnset

Personal Information

Character profile data.


Pre-timeskipFormer head of House Albrecht
Post-timeskipFormer head of House Albrecht


InterestsBrawling, adventure
LikesGold, fighting, women, gambling, grit, bravado
DislikesBounty hunters, losing bets, getting an earful from Duke Goneril

Gift Preferences

Liked GiftsAncient Coin, Ceremonial Sword, Whetstone, Blue Cheese, Owl Feather
Disliked GiftsFishing Float, Watering Can, Armored Bear Stuffy

Meal Preferences

Liked MealsGrilled Beast Meat, Sautéed Jerky, Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew, Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté, Garreg Mach Meat Pie, Fisherman's Bounty, Cheesy Verona Stew, Pickled Rabbit Skewers, Super-Spicy Fish Meatballs, Daphnel Stew, Gronder Meat Skewers, Gautier Cheese Gratin, Cabbage and Herring Stew, Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant
Neutral MealsGrilled Herring, Saghert and Cream, Fish and Bean Soup, Small Fish Skewers, Onion Gratin Soup, Sweet Bun Trio, Fruit and Herring Tart, Roast Pheasant with Berry Sauce, Peach Sorbet, Two-Fish Sauté, Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs, Bourgeois Pike
Disliked MealsVegetable Pasta Salad, Fish Sandwich, Country-Style Red Turnip Plate, Pickled Seafood and Vegetables, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Fried Crayfish
Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes